Monday, 21 October 2013

Designing Deadly

So with a script written. The first stage is to figure out what these characters look like. These are some of my doodles and sketches for the two main characters. Below is the first sketch (done on a brown paper bag) of the main character. I like working in ink and the plan is to keep an inky look throughout the finished piece.

The next couple of images are further development on the grim reaper character.  We're just trying to find interesting shapes that felt comfortable together, that would reflect the character and the range of emotions that he goes through in the story.

I often drawing old ladies when I doodle - I suppose they have interesting faces. So when it came to designing the other main character (Bridie), I was not short of ideas.  However she  proved tricky to tie down. The two concept sketches that seemed to work well were these ones (below). Again I probably had preconceived ideas of what she should look like before I picked up a pen, but the important thing is to draw through that and open up other ideas.  I find the best way to work, is to generate as much work as you can then whittle it down to the best stuff.

With lots of scribbley pen and pencil drawings were done, we wanted on to explore a few more colours, textures and styles. I like the cardboard style paper and found a stop motion BG on the web that I plonked our hero in - at the beginning we thought we might go this way, but as the story evolved that method grew trickier and trickier. The image with the black background would have been an interesting road to go down too, but somehow felt a bit too 'designed', for the tone of the little story we wanted to tell.

That's it for now, but stay tuned over the coming weeks for more updates. Cheers!


Welcome to my little director's blog for the making of the short film "Deadly". The film has been rolling about in my head for nearly three years now and thanks to the Irish Film Board's Frameworks short film scheme and Kavaleer Productions, it looks like it might just become a reality. I'm going to try and post as often as I can and hopefully provide some sort of insight into what goes into to making these cartoon thingys! Enjoy